Elisabetta Ricciardi Jewelry


The Elisabetta Ricciardi Jewelry Collection: a wearable mosaic of Ricciardi’s life, travel and loves– works that draw from a childhood in Napoli and her family home in medieval Toscany as much as they do Classical Antiquity and her life as a mother and artist.

Ricciardi, great-granddaughter of the Count of Camaldoli, grew up surrounded by beauty and beautiful things, great and small. As a child playing with her cousins in her grandfathers villa, a home visited by artistic luminaries like Rossini, Bellini and Dumas, Ricciardi fell in love with the history and mysteries of that magical house. “I would open old trunks filled with magnificent hats and gloves,” she recounts, “…caked pink powder forever sealed in gorgeous chiseled boxes and carved prayer books with secret notes never meant to be read by curious little eyes.”

Inspired by those small treasures she found years ago, Ricciardi has conjured modern pieces that reflect not only her past, but her dynamic life as an artist and mother to two young boys. With the help of her husband, Haim Shahar, who has spent two decades working in all facets of the jewelry world, she brings those creations to the world and to you.


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